Co-Working Office Memberships

Going to a place

where we can work and make things is as crucial in human life as sleeping and eating. Making things gives us self worth and meaning in life. For many it is second only to the people in your life that you love. Technology has changed the whole concept of work. It has freed us from arranging our lives around a single place of employment, the company. Careers are no longer linear, there are spaces between traditional jobs that we need to fill with meaningful work, work that we have to create for ourselves and more and more if you are successful with others that are building the same kind of arc that you are building just to stay afloat.  But for many of us this freedom has distorted the lines between work and life in another way.


It is also a very old way to work.  History shows us again and again that when human beings with diverse talents collect and practice those talents in a place that serves as a melting pot of ideas, amazing things happen. There is a greatly increased chance that the intersection of those ideas, expertise, and resources will create delight, fulfillment, and the sort of creative energy that produces a quality of innovation that you can never accomplish alone or as a cog within an organized entity.

For Many Independent

entrepreneurs, creative’s, and telecommuters, work and life often happen within the confines of home or a location that was once viewed as a recreation space. The convenience of working from home is overshadowed by the distractions of everyday life and often makes one feel lonely and uncreative. When we try to escape the isolation of our homes and do our work elsewhere, we often end up in coffee shops, book stores and the like, turning places we used to enjoy into just another makeshift workplace.