Co-Working - The Office Reinvented

WerkSpace is beyond just office space it is a new idea that reflects the needs of a new breed of entrepreneurs and creative people. It is experiences transformable spaces, amenities and opportunities especially fitting to motivated innovators. WerkSpace is the office reinvented — testimony to the evidence that exciting creative work rarely occurs in seclusion and is fostered in collaboration. 
Joining WerkSpace is like joining a health club, you’re becoming a member of club, not a renter of an office. It’s like joining a community of follow entrepreneurs, a place to work, share ideas, and create things. A professional place to be at when you want to be there, even for solitude. Club membership includes: Video conferencing, white boards, Wi-Fi, printing/scanning, kitchenette, utilities, janitorial, recycling, and networking.
Your membership is based on how often you need to use the club space, with low Membership starter rates. (See Rate Schedule). Memberships are flexible, and can change from month to month based on your needs and project demands. 

Depending on your membership level, WerkSpace is available to members from 6am to 10pm. Even the minimum basic membership has 9 to 5 access. We keep the lights on for your creative moments. Enlightened ideas come at all hours of the day or night and your space is ready when you are.

Sitting in a home or apartment trying to forget that you need to do the dishes, or clean up after your pet, or fix a dripping faucet, or paint your bedroom, or, or… so many important distractions that you cannot focus on your project. Plus there are no other inputs, from other people, that can motivate you to do your own work. Get up right now, put the cat out, turn out the lights, and get yourself down to WerkSpace, where you can actually get something done and maybe team up with a partner to help you do it.
A great idea boiled up into your mind! It’s going to change the world, it’s going to make you rich, it’s going to be fun. Your bursting to tell someone about it, to test it out on someone, just to see how great an idea its is. Where are you going to go? WerkSpace is full of people just like you who have ideas for making things. People who need to share ideas just like you do. Sharing is the first step to making ideas become realities. WerkSpace is where ideas become team making magnets. It's where like minds find projects to work on together. Where the transparency of making things leads to the exponential growth of your creativity. In today’s World making things takes a team and teams are made at WerkSpace.
The first day you walked into WerkSpace the only thing you had in your hand  was your laptop. Now you've started to make some things with your new collaborative team you formed together and now you've accumulated some baggage that you're all getting tired of bringing home with you each day. Plus, if someone brings something home, its not there for another team member to work on when they arrive at 7:30 at night with a belly full of coffee and a head full of inspiration. Solution? Step up your membership to include a variety of private lockable storage solutions from lockable cabinets to private offices.